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Blogger SEO Guide

A complete step-by-step tutorials with blogger SEO guide. Read this post for optimizing blogspot rankings on google search engine.

Blogger SEO Guide

Rank # 1

Ensure your blog is MOBILE friendly. Google started penalizing mobile unfriendly sites and are likely to crack down even more. Use responsive design.

Rank # 2

Spell check posts and always use correct grammar. Well written contents is a ranking consideration. Especially after Googles new Panda update.

Rank # 3

Provide contents that is useful to its readers. Useful contents keeps visitors on your blog longer, which improves your Google ranking. Research before publishing.

Rank # 4

Create a new post at least twice per week. Regularly updated blogs rank higher than those updated randomly or less frequently. I tested that too, and it worked.

Rank # 5

Properly label your post. Labels adds to keyword density. Widen it with related words.

Rank # 6

Format comment section. It should be no followed and moderated to avoid spam comments. It helps too.

Rank # 7

Focus on a particular niche. Many bloggers (like me) start with the idea of creating a multinihed blog. That can confuse Google entirely, and decide to ignore you.

Rank # 8

Use SEO friendly URLs. Shorter URLs rank better in Google and other engines too.

Rank # 9

Optimize the meta description. It gives searchers info they need to determine whether or not to click. Write them wisely.

Rank # 10

Optimize your images. Search engines don’t just look for images, rather they look for alt text. Don’t forget that.

Rank # 11

Don’t use too many similar keywords. You may get penalized by Google for “keyword stuffing”. You know what that means.

Rank # 12

Link internally when possible. They help show the validity and relevance of your content.

Rank # 13

List your blog on search engines. I’ve seen many cases like this. So cross check your settings and webmaster tools.

Rank # 14

Limit the number of ads on your blog.  If your page contains MORE ads than content, Google ranks the site lower. Just imagine that 1 ad code covers 100 words.

Rank # 15

Add keywords to your post and page titles. Include keyword that explains the topic. Use keyword research tools.

WAIT! Don’t get tired of reading.

Take a glass of water, I’ll wait for you…

…are you done?

I need to increase my dwell time, so read ON:

Rank # 16

Increase the length of your post to at-least 250 words. Shorter posts are considered less informative and useful.CONVINCE GOOGLE.

Rank # 17

Take advantage of blogger main SEO factors. Include image properties, header tags and search descriptions. Code clean.

Rank # 18

Don’t publish DUPLICATE contents. Google ranks blogs with original contents than those with duplicated ones. Copy and pasting on social media and forums can harm your page rank.

Rank # 19

Tell search engines what your page is about. Use header tags like H1, H2, and H3. Use them for subtitles.

Rank # 20

Tell crawlers not to follow certain links. Add “rel=nofolow” attribute to EVERY outbound link. It does help.

Rank # 21

Use a custom domain name. People might not want to click when they see a custom domain name. It’s all about TRUST.

Rank # 22

Use content marketing strategies. Make your contents engaging and user friendly. Like how I interact with my readers(you) on every page.

Rank # 23

Keep RANKBRAIN in mind. Google’s new RankBrain update takes pages with more clicks and dwell time to the top.

You can now see the reason why I encouraged you earlier to read more. It’s a ranking SIGNAL.


Rank # 24

Use the APP formula. A=agree, P=promise, and P=preview. Use this content flow and give me testimonies.

Rank # 25

Use the pyramid formulae. Start by giving the reader the most important info at the top first, before others. Because they may leave if not so.

Rank # 26

Bold and capitalize some words. It helps for good readability. And you can see I used that in this post too.

Rank # 27

Use typography recommendation. If your targeted audience are aged 60+, meaning you NEED to increase the font size.

Rank # 28

Boost blogs loading duration by cutting hindrances. Google has stated that page speed is used as a ranking signal. OMG! Cut videos, widgets and ads now.

Rank # 29

Use multimedia to help beautify and improve readability. A picture tells a thousand words, and readers just love pretty pictures. Take that advantage.

Rank # 30

Install the blogspot all in one SEO pack. This might sound irrelevant, but it’s a code that tells engines more about your blog. Search on Google and install YOURS!

Rank # 31

Add modifiers like “best, “awsome” to your title. They hep to rank for long trail versions of your targeted keyword. Which is why all my pages are click magnetic.

Rank # 32

Remove embedded sharing buttons and widgets. They harm page load time, and simply tells Google “HE’s FAKE”.Are you?

Rank # 33

HIDE labels. Since you would need to include a lot of keywords into labels, why not hide them from showing up in your page? Think about it.

Rank # 34

Clean above the fold. Have you ever wondered why professional websites like “wikihow” has just the logo above the fold (before the main content). It’s a ranking signal. Don’t tell anyone I told you.

Rank # 35

Clean below the fold. Why jampack your blog with related posts and ads? Don’t it look too spammy? Well, it depends on you.

Rank # 36

Focus on quality and NOT quantity. ONLY 2 quality pages is better than 10 less quality pages in a week. Do proper research before publishing.


I just taught I should sound this little warning:

Some of you blog for money and you go publishing pages without research (which would probably not rank high).

Then you complain of low AdSense earnings after a huge number of pages.

Google is not stupid. One of my quality pages can earn me worth your whole blog.

Focus on quality. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to create one.

Rank # 37

Alert Google when there’s a new post. Use this link “google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url” to submit your new URL. Don’t wait for engines.

Rank # 38

Visit Backlinko.com frequently for seo updates. Backlinko is my no1 SEO side-chick. Your lucky I told you this.

Rank # 39

Visit Google’s official blog at “googleblog.blogspot.com” to know the latest trend and figure out how to rank for it. CHANGE is the key.

Rank # 40

Share posts on social media’s. Engines use social media backlinks as one important metrics to rank webpages. Facebook, twitter and Whats App works best.

Rank # 41

Publish on forums. Links from especially forums helps as back links. Rewrite a short version of your page, include the link and publish it in a forum.

Rank # 42

Research for keywords. It tells exactly what your page is about. Isn’t that what you want? Research properly.

Rank # 43

Submit your BLOG to search engines. Google alone isn’t enought to fetch you that traffic you want (we’re all traffic selfish). Submit your blog to Bing, AlexaYandex and other search engines.

Rank # 44

Interlink your pages. Internal linking is one of the major on Page SEO factor that can boost the ranking of any quality webpage. Did you know?

Rank # 45

Only use “dofollow” for quality internal links. Do follow linking to a low quality page can harm your page rank. That’s TRUE.

Rank # 46

Include your primary keyword in domain name. It is the brand name of your business. A keyword in it gives you an auto TRUST rank. Obviously.

Rank # 47

LASTLY, “content is GOD of traffic”. Hire a good freelance writer to write engaging contents like this one, or you can do it yourself if you can. A trust from ONE page can bring huge success to others.

Blogger Tips:

  • Blogspot is Google’s baby, so doing it right gives you a good ranking place in the SERPs.
  • Blogspot blogs hosted on its own domain ranks higher than those with the default sub domain. Did you know?
  • SEO is not difficult, as long as you know the basics. Like I do.

Credits : magxiblog

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