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How to Stop Spam Comments on WordPress Blog?

We often found many spam comments on WordPress blogs every single day. It does not matter either we have a brand new website or a popular blog, we got many spammy comments.

What is the reason behind Spam Comments?

Well, it’s simple, because of SEO ratings. Search Engine Optimization is the main reason you got these many spam comments in your blog. Spammers think that they will improve their website search rankings if they have many backlinks to their web pages.

This is the simplest way to get backlinks by commenting on well-known blogs or even newly created blogs.

The google search engine also knows about these Comment Backlinks, so google recommended to add rel=”nofollow” to the spam comment links in the blog.

How to identify Spam Comment?

Well, its very simple. Any comments which have only a third-party website links in it or any non-relevant page links in the comment.

with the development of automatic software,  many robots are available to post spam comments, also called as bots. These bots generate unique comments and insert the spam links while posting the comments. Some bots also use author names and create comments that are relevant to post content.

See below example of Spam comment on my website:-

The below comments posted on my post “Blogger SEO Guide“, But as you see the below-mentioned comments are not relevant and do not add any value to the post.

Spam Comments in wordpress

How to identify Spam Comment in WordPress

Check List for Comments Approval

  1. Check whether comments are made by humans or not.
  2. Is the comment relevant to the post or not.
  3. Is comment adds any value to the discussion or not.
  4. Is the commentator post only one post or on entire blog posts.
  5. Are the links in the comments adds any value to the discussion?
  6. Are the links are from spam websites or legitimate?
  7. is the commentator uses a legitimate author name or random keyword?
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What is the best way to Stop Spam Comments?

We have many options to control the spam comments on our WordPress blog.

Stop Comments

We have an option in our discussions section in our wordpress settings to stop visitor’s comments. we encourage users to participate in the discussions, so this is not a good idea to follow.

Manual Comment Approval

Many website admins prefer to check every comment manually and approve only suitable comments. This is the best way to stop spam comments on the blog. The main drawback is that it will a lot of time to check every comment published on our website.

Manual Approval of WordPress Comment

Use a Plugin to Check Spam Comments

We can use a WordPress plugin to automatically moderate the comments on our website. Many popular wordpress plugins are available to identify the spam comments which are listed below.

Comment Blacklist

We have an option to automatically remove the comments which have inappropriate words that are mostly used by the spammers. This option available in Settings > Discussions.

Comment Blacklist in WordPress

WordPress Plugins to Stop Spam Comments

These are trusted wordpress plugins used by millions of developers to stop the spam comments in the wordpress websites.


We always found the spam comments in our wordpress blog but we can minimize the number of spam comments by using above mentioned wordpress plugins.

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