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What is Stale Cornerstone Content?

The Yoast SEO Premium plugin offers a special feature for the WordPress users to get an automatic notification if their cornerstone content is older than 6 months, and these updates available in Stale Cornerstone Content.

Cornerstone Content

We all mark our important and best-performing articles as cornerstone content in Yoast SEO and this suggests the google to rank these selected posts higher in their search.

How to select your articles as cornerstone content?

see below gif

Cornerstone Content in Yoast SEO Plugin


We always update our top-performing articles with fresh content and this helps in keeping the search engines and your loyal visitors. This also makes the google search bots think like there are changes in your articles frequently and this suggests that your website providing all the latest updates. So you will get higher search rankings and your positions in the search will improve.

Stale Cornerstone Content

For example, say we have 100 posts on your WordPress website. Consider you have 10 posts that are best performing good search rankings. So today you selected these 10 posts as cornerstone articles. We already know that frequent updates of our posts will get more and more improvement in search rankings.

As per Yoast, the minimum frequency to update these posts are 6 months. so they provided a filter option in WordPress. This filter option is called as “Stale Cornerstone Content“. This filter shows us the posts when there is no update for cornerstone content for more than 6 months.

The below screenshot shows us an example of Stale Cornerstone Content filter option.

Stale Cornerstone Content

Stale Cornerstone Content helps you to track the last updated date for the cornerstone posts. When we manage many posts on a website then it will be difficult to check all the posts and time-consuming tasks. So it helps us to identify the older cornerstone articles and saves lot of time.

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